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(18.01.2008 13:31)
All the warner Bros shops round by us (west midlands uk ) have shut down, any one have any ideas where i can get puddy tat merchandise from ?

tailsxcream forever
(23.08.2007 14:03)
if you want a sylvester t shirt make you,re own like i have its cheaper
(01.10.2006 17:41)
That would be the Warner Bros. Studio Store. Unfortunaely, I've heared all of them got closed for some reason, but there is an on-line version still available
If you can't find anything suitable there, try I get all my collectibles from there too
selvesters happy
selvesters happy
(24.09.2006 22:09)
Dose nybody know the name of a store you can buy sylvester tee's and stuff.I really want to know
Alexandra Zimmer
(27.07.2004 03:41)
I'm feeling so sad, I can't find any new fine tees or socks of Sylvester and the merchandise here is nearly sold out. And it won't help if I would travel to WB Movieworld because they don't have the best merchandise now, they had it in the past (1998- 2001) and after that time the merchandise has become nearly rare, the only fine things I found last year are a black tee and a tin box (I use it for my brushes now). And there are no more resin statuettes in the shop now . . . sniff!!!
Elissa Cunningham
(28.06.2004 21:47)
i tried that and it didn't really work. take my advice and go and see a fabric artist, there heaps helpfull. i tried one don here when i was little and i was wit my mum
(24.06.2004 07:47)
That's it! the fabric paint!
I know it's not as comfortable as to print it on the HP paper and iron it on, but it makes a grand result!
All you need is good stencils so the edges of your picture remain sharp. I would also recommend using "blopens" - those look like markers but contain fabric paint, and, you blow into them to make them paint. So it works like an air-brush basically.
Elissa Cunningham
(23.06.2004 21:48)
You guys are really interested in t-shirts with sylvester maybe you can get that fabric paint and ask your folks if they can drew it on the t-shirt, that's what i'ld do!

Actually i never thought about it. Great idea Elissa. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
(23.06.2004 16:19)
If you never wash it, could be OK, thanks to HP for this great technology improvement !!!
(23.06.2004 16:10)
Thanks for the info, Jozef, it seems nice when you see the the results on the HP web page but I guess they will not show the poor result after 1 month.... Sorry for this inopportune information, so what can we do for a good result ?
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