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Author Comment
(30.06.2004 17:15)
Youre welcome, but really go ahead, your artwork is fantastic !!!
Alexandra Zimmer
(29.06.2004 09:55)
Thank you!
(29.06.2004 09:36)
A simple answer: full of genius !
I watch it regularly in your folder.
Alexandra Zimmer
(29.06.2004 07:55)
My Sylvester Dream-Room Looks Very Good: Fine Posters, A Lot Of Plushtoys,My Statuettes And . . .
A Framed Autograph Of Him
A Simple Question: What do You Think Of My Artwork?
(30.05.2004 16:47)
HeHe, nice! I have just to persuade Claire that this is a good idea as she think that my admiration for Sylvester is a little bit psychiatric.
(30.05.2004 14:30)
Oh geez! I found another perfect way of making a dream room. Why not use your art skills and paint a big picture of Sylvester on your wall? Look at this for a fine inspiration
Attached picture:
(30.05.2004 13:36)
Well I truly don't know But I think it's a property of that company which creates whole room designs so you will not get such plushie unless you order a whole room!!
(29.05.2004 18:56)
If someone knows where I can find this beautiful plushie, pleaaaaaaaaaaase let me know !!!!!!!!!!!
(29.05.2004 14:13)
That is not my room Guy, it's just something i found on internet. Not to mention i would *LOVE* to have such Sylvester plushie on swing!
(28.05.2004 16:59)
Very nice indeed, where did you find the Sylvester on the swing? He his too fun!!!
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