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(03.01.2008 02:45)
Awesome! I remember this movie so much, I in fact saw it on cartoon network on Dec. 28 at 10:00am, so I was lucky enough to see it. The things that I like about this movie is that it has more sylvester and I am okay with that;in fact I LOVE it! The Only thing I thought was 70% funny but 30% disturbing was in the Egypt scene where Tweety found out the dancing egyptian lady was Sylvester! AWKWARD but Hilarious. But the most Shocking part I remember seeing is when Tweety and Aooga(Tweety's new friend) Helped Sylvester in the water/boat scene by throwing a Floatie to Sylvester for Rescue!I would give this movie a 10/10 for sylvester fans and as for tweety fans, U suck for liking Tweety more than Sylvester, he Always ends up in a situation where he's in trouble and even if he gets out of it there is always another one waiting to happen!The Character I hate the most(more than tweety) is Aooga, for those of you that don't know this character, let me explain, Aooga was suppose to be a sacrifice by the cats for THE ONE(Tweety) luckily tweety saves her and the reason she is called Aooga is because she can make that loud sound of a honking horn(Maybe "AAOOGGAA!" which annoys Sylvester when he tries to eat tweety! but in the end,even if sylvester gets FALSELY arrested, the movie is good for any looney tune fan; ESPECIALLY sylvester!
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Alexandra Zimmer
(31.10.2007 14:37)
I've seen this movie, but I don't like it too much. Sylvester is getting too often hurted and who is the hero? Tweety! That's so unfair. They don't want to give Sylvester a chance. I can't understand why.
(31.03.2005 19:49)
Hello Andrew, indeed interesting but I definitively prefer the old cartoons with this inimitable humour and all these fun situations.
Andrew El Gato
(29.03.2005 13:32)
This is a movie with Sylvester and Tweety based upon the TV series "Sylvester and Tweety's Mysteries".
It isn't a great movie, but is very fun for Sylvester's fans!!

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