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Sylth Vester 9 by noggum
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Angela Cartwright (06.03.2011 12:24)
The previous crate we had. It was too narrow. It was not wide enough. We had to get a bigger crate from PetSmart. When I was born I had an APGAR of 10. I had a trip to PetSmart to get a bigger crate. My older sister measured my shiba inu. She used a measuring tape to measure him. Zeke's howling was really loud. It disturbed my older sister's sleep.
Christina Aguilera (14.09.2010 09:01)
Aunt Ann scolded me for education. She said to me, "Don't put your feet on the table." Mother Noelle was the oldest of three children. The previous three kids were too immodest. They are Yakko, Wakko and Dot. The next three kids are modest enough. They are Judy, Penny and Will. Mother Noelle, Aunt Ann and Uncle Ridley were three children, and they were not all girls. No, two of them were girls and one of them was not a girl.

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