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Sylth Vester 11 by noggum
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Vanessa Velasco (22.09.2011 23:14)
One time I did not make a good decision at the orthodontist. I began to laugh about Wakko. My dad got a chocolate shake from Johnny Rockets and it made him sleepless. He just lied awake in bed. My older sister got a 4.0 average in high school and graduated in 2003. My older sister graduated from Berry College on May 5, 2007.One time I went to Howe Caverns. I saw a frozen mouse. It wasn't really a mouse. It was a stalactite.My cousin John was attending college. He was born on April 4, 1985.
Zorana Zambelli (01.04.2011 07:56)
I jumped over some World Book Encyclopedias. I agree with you, noggum, you have cool pictures!! I got a splinter from the Finneys' deck. I have a photo of myself with a cake on my older sister's sixth birthday. I have a photo of myself at my older sister's home birthday party. It was January 1991. This picture is cool!!
Christina Aguilera (14.09.2010 07:15)
Angela Cartwright was in a Lady Schick Speed Styler commercial. Andrea Sherman was in a commercial. One day Elizabeth took Asher over to Andrea's. Zeke's claws were too long. Mom said, "Hush it, Zeke!" Zeke was hollering on the tiles. My older sister, Elizabeth was at Stephanie's. This picture is cool! Five stars!
noggum (01.09.2010 01:42)
jeje si son dificiles de conseguir XD y me fasina mucho Sylth Vester
Rey Oscuro Mundial (10.06.2010 21:55)
This picture is cool! Very good!
Rey Oscuro Mundial (10.06.2010 05:24)
¡Este chido está imagen! ¡Muy bien!

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