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Cloudysad (05.07.2015 07:08)
Sounds pretty jacked up for a Looney Tunes short
kacper (14.12.2007 01:35)
it is the same episode as the Police.jpg
not a 100% sure but might be called "The Last Hungry Cat"
kacper (14.12.2007 01:25)
It's from that episode, when Sylvester thought he has murdered (exactly eaten) Tweety Bird and has drunk lots of coffee and smoked many cigarettes (that's why he looks like he has been stoned on the picture above) because of the fear of being caught... I might be wrong cause the last time I watched it was like 15 years ago but it had an introduction and the ending with some narrator saying something about murder and it might have been related somehow with Jack The Ripper...
prettyeyes555 (07.06.2006 17:42)
I need to know what episode this is from..if anyone knows please email me at

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