Sylvester the Cat Page


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Chloe (06.Jan.2007)  
SYLVESTER ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx for putting this site up guys its awesome. I love it
Belle (28.Oct.2006)    
I'm so glad that I found this site. I'm also glad there are other people who love Sylvester as much as I do. I love that cat...I think it's the big red nose...yeah that's it!
LuK (08.Sep.2006)  
A site fit for such a cat! Congrats!
arturo (16.Apr.2006)    
me gusta mucho los carton me podrias informar mas de sylvestre
Alexandra Zimmer (01.Dec.2005)  
A message to Jozef: I've send you a mail yesterday. Please contact me by e-mail!

Your Page is wonderful!
WarnerArt (03.Jun.2005)    
Very nice Sylvester site, among the best I have seen. Keep up the great work.
Grosminet (22.Mar.2005)  
Congratulations for all these improvements,
this site is the best Sylvester site of the Web !!!
Andrew El gato (12.Mar.2005)
This new graphic is beautiful!!
Cecilia (03.Mar.2005)
Finally a page dedicated to the most loveable cat - forget Garfield! My boyfriend and I are big fans of Tweety and Sylvester! Thanks
Maryann (23.Oct.2004)  
Hi there!you know gys, the first time i saw this site, i was very happy and i like it!!!this site rocks!!keep it kewl!!i expect more informations and stuffs about sylvester so that i can know more about him....PLS(?)buh bye!
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