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sugarcube2 (11.08.2012 00:09)
Rip his body limb from limb, Sly! Take his life away!
chaguis (28.10.2008 06:42)
evil puddy that
vASe (10.09.2008 16:32)

anja-sylvester (20.02.2008 01:28)
yeah I knew it....I that tweety have to die.....huhu i dont mean that but i love sylvester and i dont love tweety but yeah i dont like tweety to die......SYLVESTER IS THE BEST
wwwwww (15.02.2008 22:18)
its about time he got him
ana (25.09.2007 02:00)
Finally he catch Tweety!!
dana (27.06.2007 18:36)
ya he is
babygirl (23.08.2006 17:13)
who sylvester
gini (24.01.2006 23:42)
ant he sexy


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