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Angel Carpenter (14.03.2011 17:27)
I remember "Quack Attack" when I was a girl. I also remember old Mickey Mouse cartoons when I was a girl. My friend, Loralei Richardson is five years younger than myself. My friend Jonathon Olinger is a good man. My older sister was born in January 1985. The caller said, "No home school gymnastics classes for the older ones this year." What a shame!! Someday I will begin my new career as 'MOM'. Cheddar Man is a prehistoric man. So is Piltdown Man. I remember "Stayin' Alive" when I was a girl. I will have some children of my own someday.
Angie Cartwright (21.04.2010 04:12)
My star sign is Aquarius. My older sister's star sign is Capricorn. Zeke had fleas. Mom and Dad got flea bites. Zeke slept in Mom and Dad's bed. I did not get flea bites. One day I was surprised when two dogs were hunting rabbits. I was on the porch. One was a dog I don't know and one was a dog I do know. Her name is Molly.

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