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sugarcube (23.11.2011 05:39)
certianly (forgot the t twice)
sugarcube (23.11.2011 05:38)
sugarcube (23.11.2011 05:38)
He cerianly is one awesome feline.
sylvester112 (02.05.2010 01:56)
i love sylvester
jhoanna (04.03.2009 12:52)
my boyfriend's name is sylvester tha's why i love sylvester so much....
sweets09 (18.02.2009 08:50)
my nickname as a teen was sylvester.he is a cool cat.
PJ :)Sl (28.11.2008 00:02)
Sylvester is soooooo awsome i love him.
Angelica59 (29.09.2008 03:53)
I am so happy I came across this site, I love Sylvester so much. I have a cat that looks like him. There are a lot of cute cartoon characters but this guy is THE BEST

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