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vASe (10.09.2008 16:18)
prekrasni se zaedno
u-know-who (19.01.2008 20:27)
i have a friend who i call tweetypie</font color=yellow>
& he calls me sylvester
these two are the ultimate in cartoons
i grew up with them & they keep me & my friend together
um yeah. rock on.
looney tunes for life
niggaslady010 (30.11.2007 16:19)
can't whoop him
ana (25.09.2007 01:48)
No he is not guy!he is cute.
ana (25.09.2007 01:47)
Hello!! People.
pookie sucks (25.08.2007 21:24)
tweety iz so great
Pookie (11.05.2007 23:17)
tweety iz gay

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