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sugarcube (20.12.2011 03:32)
Daaaaw Well, hi there, Mr. Handsome. This is my love right here.
catluver (01.11.2011 02:38)
This looks like the type of position in which he would purr or meow.
tweety=overated (31.10.2011 03:23)
awwwwww he smiled. its cute when he smiles. and he sort of has dat long face look. there's no other cat quite like you, sylvie. i luv u
ttt (31.10.2011 02:40)
What a cute pic! I love the expression on his face. It sort of makes him look shy and bashful the way the's got his head turned slightly and looking at us with a gentle smile that's also sort of elongated. He definetley looks like one happy and handsome cat.
tlts (19.10.2011 06:59)
See Tweety? He's not ALWAYS a "Bad 'ol putty tat"!
lt (19.10.2011 06:59)
See Tweety? He's not ALWAYS a "Bad 'ol putty tat"!
lizzd91 (15.09.2008 23:43)
i think i am going to get a tatoo of this one
ryan sharp (25.04.2007 14:15)
imm a bigg gay bever
lukkeee (25.04.2007 14:14)
well gdd

u know (01.11.2006 23:21)
im so using this
shyler stone (22.07.2006 02:51)
he gave me a smile at me he love me

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