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sugarcube2 (11.08.2012 06:34)
Make sure your Tweety doesn't overcook with that thing.
Aub (24.02.2012 00:35)
I lovethat picture!!~!!~!!>
Aub (14.09.2011 01:57)
If I were Sylvester I would blow up Tweety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aub (15.07.2011 15:04)
I say BUST!!!!!!!!!! I love Sylvester!! NO TWEETY
Aub (15.07.2011 15:03)
I say BUST!!!!!!!!!!
Superior (07.11.2008 19:56)
Thats right get 'em.It's time u got rid of that ugly little canary bird(HA HAHA HA HA HAAAHAAAHAHAHAHA HA)
Josh (05.04.2008 17:13)
uh sylvester? what are you doing with that thing?
blow to smeterrenes?
TheBlueHeart2772 (22.11.2007 21:09)
Going Wile style are we?
oyuncaks (28.06.2007 21:05)

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