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Jessica Jay (21.04.2010 23:07)
We took Zeke to PetSmart. When I was a twelve-year-old girl, Dad took my mom, my older sister, my uncle Robert, my aunt Margaret and my cousin John to New York City to visit the Statue of Liberty. My cousin Matthew was in South Africa. My older sister let me watch the "Spiceworld" movie. Mom had to go see "Saving private Ryan".
Kim Kardashian (21.04.2010 05:09)
I remember "Rugrats Word of the day" when I was a girl. Timmy picked his nose. Kim said, "Um, um I WANT MY MOMMY!!" Angelica said, "She thinks they're all little." Her mom screamed. I had to watch Spiceworld movie. Mom took my older sister and I to Six flags. Mom took me to open house at Chapel Hill middle School. My older sister had finished middle school.
TheBlueHeart2772 (23.11.2007 13:44)
They look hot...
snickers (31.10.2007 19:40)
dis is a good pic. sylvester and his crew look bad ass playing them game billards.
BBOY CAT (18.06.2007 03:44)
the looney tunes just playing a wholesome game of billiards

Shy gurl (12.05.2006 00:13)
dz is a good picture too!!!I like da colors!!

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