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Princess Queenie (21.04.2010 22:56)
I remember "Pants vs. no pants" promo when I was a girl. Wakko does not wear pants. Sylvester the Cat wears no clothes on at all. Wakko's bottom half is always showing. Pigtails is a little girls' hairdo for me. This picture has a year in title. This picture also has a city name in title. Wakko is a cute boy. Wakko's sister is a cute girl. Queenie was a Shar-pei. Zeke was a Shiba inu.
Queen Lee Radziwill (21.04.2010 05:19)
Zeke knocked the garbage can in the guest room. Zeke couldn't see very well. Why are the Warners half naked most of the time? Because they're cartoons and they're animals and animals don't really need to wear clothes. lol. Bugs Bunny wears no clothes at all. To say at least the Warners are half clothed. In 1930, going to the movies was very popular.
snickers (31.10.2007 19:35)
This pic. is more bad ass then da other one. but da only mest up thing is da chicago more like h-town not chicago.
TheBlueHeart2772 (18.09.2007 23:15)
I like dective stories from the thirties...espcially with these 2

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