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v (29.10.2011 05:16)
Poor Sylvester. Always in a fix. I would get a crossbow and shoot all of those Tweety Birds. I know that sounds kinda morbid, but if it's for the sake of a potential attack from them onto him, I'd be happy to. The kitty cat's gone through enough abuse already and needs a break, too!
TheBlueHeart2772 (26.09.2007 01:32)
Ha-ha! Poor Sylvester! I rember when i was talking to a friend of mine, she likes Tweety I like Sylvester, she said she dose not like Sylvester because he's mean to Tweety, I said, "Well, Tweety's mean to Sylvester!" and this picture proves it! LOL
-Putty Tat
landi (28.09.2006 17:15)
I like what you did

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