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Angie Cartwright (06.03.2011 12:01)
Why are the Warners always half-naked most of the time? Cause they're cartoons and they're animals and animals don't really need to wear clothes. XD Sylvester the Cat wears no clothes at all. My older sister said to me, "Be careful about jumping," I listened to "Get Down Tonight" by KC and the Sunshine Band. Angela Cartwright wears outfits. Kimberly's cat was carted off to Conyers. It was May 18, 1998. It was too mean to be a house cat.
Angelica Cartwright (21.04.2010 04:21)
One day Mom took me to the post office. One day in August 2007 my older sister donated some of her hair to Locks of Love. My dad went to Australia. He saw some crocodiles. He saw a crocodile open its mouth. Sylvester the cat wears no clothes at all. Bugs Bunny wears no clothes on at all. To say at least the Warners are half clothed.

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