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India Doll (25.08.2010 09:53)
One day my older sister made me want to sit in a chair. She asked me, "Who's your best friend?" I said, "Alex Clark," She said to me, "You pull her hair!" I was a second-grade girl. Alex Clark was a third-grade girl. Alex Clark has blonde hair and has a generous spirit. I have red hair, brown eyes, and autism. Alex Clark's dad is a church man. Greyson's mother is a good woman.
Kendra Wilkinson (17.07.2010 04:25)
Sleep. that's what everybody in China needs. I saw an Asian girl in bright pink pants in a big Sears catalog. In "Baby Fire Rescue", there is a community that is all black people. I saw a black girl in a white shirt in the same big Sears catalog. It is from 1988. I was one in 1988. I have a big Sears catalog from 1991. I also have a big Sears catalog from 1988.

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