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Bettina Badeaux (20.02.2011 05:00)
My older sister went to Honduras in June 2010. I have a copy of "The Three Muska-Warners". I am twenty-four years old. My older sister is twenty-six. A loud cat fight was in the Yawns' driveway. The loud cat fight disturbed my spelling. My older sister watched "The Three Muska-Warners", too. I am a twenty-four-year-old white female.
Abby Cadabby (25.04.2010 05:27)
A mean girl grabbed Wakko and called him a girl. Wakko said, "I'm not a girl, stupid." A mean stranger grabbed Dot and called her a beautiful boy. Dot said, "I'm not a boy, I'm a girl!" A mean man grabbed Dot and me and them two boys. Dot and me said, "We're not two boys, we're two girls." Dot and me are two girls. Me and Dot had an argument. They decided what color T-shirt to wear. Dot wanted to wear bright pink pants. I wanted to wear green pants.
Angie (21.04.2010 06:14)
I remember The three Muska-Warners when I was a girl. I was a six-year-old girl when it first aired. I was a six-year-old girl in 1993. I was an eight-year-old girl in 1995. Animaniacs was on TV when I was a girl. I was born in the United States. I have red hair. I also have brown eyes. My older sister is going to Honduras in June.

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