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Cloudysad (05.07.2015 06:54)
Awesome! I guess this is supposed to be a Sylvester appreciation comment thread down here? Haha, I can do that on any page though, but, whatevs!

Sylvester is bae
Aub (15.07.2011 14:56)
He looks mad in 3 ways
Sylvesters (23.11.2010 15:04)
SYLVESTER JR.:That is a good trap to lay for my older brothers!

OLDER BROTHER 1h-no you don't!

OLDER BROTHER 2:It would trip us up!


Yahhhhhh!! (16.10.2010 21:55)
That's my last name!!!
Renny (23.12.2007 07:38)
OMG!!!! Sylvester is my idol!!!!!!!!! Nice pic!!!
TheBlueHeart2772 (22.11.2007 21:27)
Sylvester... there are no words that could describe how cool he is!
ana (25.09.2007 02:05)
Yeah!!Sylvester ur the best I love this cat too he is coool and i like his colors!!
ALEX (04.07.2007 05:21)
Can't get enough of him!SYLVESTER IS THE COOLEST!
sylvester (28.06.2007 06:51)
thanks im sylvester the cat
some kid named frog (01.11.2006 22:58)
woooooo!!!!!!! idk?
robbie (10.09.2006 05:17)
nice katz
isi (10.09.2006 05:16)
loving the kitty
kimi (23.08.2006 14:43)
i luv slyvester da cat

pishicar (30.05.2006 15:51)
I LOVE this Cat
BaByKiDoZ (25.01.2006 08:04)
gaga...Rocking The Page

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