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Kitty Cat (17.07.2010 06:48)
Angelica said, "Aunt Didi, I had a accident!" Chuckie had to go potty. Wakko said, "Excuse me," The obese woman said, "Go around the other way," The same boy said, "I HAVE TO POTTY!! Thank you." The men's room was out of order. Wakko got chased out after trying to use the women's room. The woman said, "Who are you? Get Out! AAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAH!" Wakko said, "Potty! Potty! Potty!"
sylvester112 (02.05.2010 01:57)
yes you will
alexwashere45 (15.06.2008 18:17)
hi sylvester you are the best cat ever i always want to be your best frien d

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