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kyla (05.Nov.2020)
smylvester the kitton katten is just my absolute fav thank u so much owner of this site i love u
natalie (05.Nov.2020)  
i just really love this dang cat, he's neat
ZackTv321 (06.Aug.2020)  
I Think Sylvester's A Good Guy Because Trying To Eat Tweety, Speedy, & Hippity Hopper Is Pretty Normal For A Pussycat & Besides He Once Saved Porky From A Bunch Of Mice.
Lemmy (30.Jun.2020)  
<3 I love Sylvester and I\\\'m glad this site exists, he\\\'s part of the character archetype I refer to as \\\"funny cat\\\". (Meowth from the pokemon anime is a good example of this, I\\\'m a big fan of them both!)
Lennart Tornqvist (04.Jan.2018)  
Sylvester.. Thank's for all the good times. And to those, that will come.
Paul N. (16.Dec.2016)  
I grew up watching looney Tunes cartoons.Bugs Bunny was my favorite for quite some time but then I realized that I liked Sylvester the best.I like him because He is really quite gentle and sensitive.He is also happy most of the time.I love his big red nose and oversized feet.Tweety is really quite mean to Sylvester even though he is very cute.I hope looney tunes doesn't become a thing of the past like so many things have these days.
ConDav (17.Jul.2016)  
I\'m a huge fan of the Putty Tat, and I just wanna say THANK YOU for making this site! With all the attention Tweety gets, I always hoped there was someone else out there besides me who preferred perhaps the most underrated star of the Looney Tunes main cast. It's great to know there are more Sylvester fans who share the same affection for him as I do. He really deserves more love, IMO.
Jared DiCarlo (07.Feb.2016)  
I love this guy! He's so cute! He's my second favorite Looney Tunes character besides The Coyote.
Cloudysad (05.Jul.2015)  
Hey everyone! Happy 4th of July! I'm a new member here and I didn't know that there was even a website for this lil' cutie! O3O Lol, I wonder if this place is even active anymore, haha
youraveragegal87 (07.Apr.2012)    
Sly is so cute. I love how he looks like a clown. Adorable. I just want to hug him.

STOP MESSING WITH SYLVESTER GRANNY TWEETY AND HECTOR! He is just a hungry ol kitten. Whwt else is he supposed to eat? Poor thing...
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