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Guy Rieter (16.Feb.2004)    
Congratulations for the new design!!Thanks to Jozef and Sylvester for this nice page
Lyn (16.Feb.2004)    
Great site, know of any good sylvester screensavers?
Cristian Bortes (16.Feb.2004)    
This site is the best site ever! Why? Because it is dedicated to Sylvester! Nice jobs all!
april (16.Feb.2004)  
i was looking for a picture of sylvester for my tattoo
elly (16.Feb.2004)  
Alexandra (16.Feb.2004)  
I hope that the Sylvesterfans will like my pictures. The photo was taken on 6th July 2002 in movieworld/Bottrop germany.
Sylvester, I hope noone will hurt me again! Please help me!
kerrie maitland (16.Feb.2004)
please i would love all the fans to see my new fantastic site and of course the guest book
Julian Neumann (16.Feb.2004)    
hy@all, i am newbie here at looney toons,but I like them.I hope Sombody can help me.Does anybody know a page about the "baby looney toons"????,if yes please mail me or write in my guestbook
I was on the original page of warnerbros but there are no background pictures for pc called wallpaper,if you know a page please mail me or write in my guestbook
i hope i get feedback
Alexandra (16.Feb.2004)  
Greetings from Austria!
I hope you`re fine, Sylvester! * I w d w y s*!
sLyLeTi (16.Feb.2004)  
i LoVe SyLvEsTeR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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