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Alina (20.Feb.2004)
mah god!
i love sylvester and i love this site! its so cool.. never seen a site like this..
Keri (18.Feb.2004)  
I love sylvester! Ive been collecting for 11 years now. My collection has grown to be about $800 worth. I am so glad that there is finally a site for him and not just Tweety.
Alexandra (16.Feb.2004)  
A great page! I guess Sylvester likes it, too!
aamirkhan (16.Feb.2004)    
plz do not tease tuaty boz i like himm so muchhhhhhh
Guy Rieter (16.Feb.2004)  
Hope, a lot of fans will be joining this very attractive Sylvester page and share some dream and humor.
In Belgium, the French translation of Sylveter is ?Grosminet? wish means ?big cat?.
Very bizarre translation, Sylvester sound much better!
Daniel (16.Feb.2004)  
selvester and me are like dis!
Anthony Trevino (16.Feb.2004)  
sylvester rulz and he will always rule tweety your next!!! For dinner
Emilye (16.Feb.2004)  
This is a great site!! I love Sylvester!!
Ramont Nancy (16.Feb.2004)  
Dit vind ik hartstikke leuk zeg. Want Sylvester was een beetje in het vergeethoekje geraakt. Als je de Looney Tunes ziet is er vaak geen Sylvester bij. Proficiat met jullie fanpage. Echt leuk!!!
Yolanda (16.Feb.2004)  
I have Lot and lot TWEETY stuff and 1 Sylvester plush toy, and also Looney Tunes Stuff!!!
Thank you!!!
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