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White Cat (18.04.2011 00:17)
One minute Jack Yawn's black cat purrs and rubs. The next minute he bites. I watched Maurice Sendak's Little Bear when I was a girl. "The Little Mermaid" was around for nearly my entire girlhood. "Full House" was around for nearly my older sister's entire girlhood. Zeke got tied up in those wires. Asher chewed on those wires. When Asher chewed on those wires, he was just a puppy. Zeke was an elderly dog.
Jennifer Garner (01.04.2011 07:42)
Angela Cartwright was in "The Love Boat". She was also in "Airwolf". I was born January 24, 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. "Full House" ran for 8 seasons. The kids were too old. I have a photo of myself with no teeth. I spent eight years watching "Full House". I spent seven years watching "Rescue 911". "Honey, I shrunk the kids" was a poular movie when I was an extra little girl.

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