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sugarcube (01.11.2011 02:55)
(In a Morgan Freeman-esque voice) "Here, we see our clownlike predator trying to stalk and sneak up his prey in such great, expreessive stealth."
The Nitemare (07.02.2008 03:11)
This picture's cool.
TheBlueHeart2772 (19.09.2007 00:07)
He's on the prowl! (drools) He's cute!
gfidgbart (25.02.2007 18:28)
i have this image as a tatoo on my right forearm and would like to complete it with a log and water
Belle (28.10.2006 20:31)
I have this image of him on a tee shirt...his whole body wraps around the shirt, so his tail is right above my tail!
shyler stone (21.07.2006 20:18)
that's why he's sneaking up on road runner he's hot (07.07.2006 06:06)
me encanta (07.07.2006 06:05)
jjajjaa haci vas para la cocina a prepararte un pan

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