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Cathy Cary (27.08.2010 01:45)
On "911 Python Baby-Sitter", Cathy Cary got attacked by her sister's 7 1/2-foot Burmese python. Dromada. Her daughter was going to her grandfather's house. I like "Stuck torso cast". I also like "Airplane Baby delivery". For emergency, call 911. Pauline Brady's daughter, Tami got plaster stuck on her chest. Samantha Brady was a college girl. My father went to India. Rita Roberts' father is afraid of snakes. My older sister was afraid of big dogs.
Kendra Wilkinson (17.07.2010 04:35)
In "San Francisco Neonatal Documentary", there were a set of twins that were born ten weeks prematurely. Such tiny babies! Poor dears. They were too small to come home. I was a full-term baby. Jordan Rules was introduced in 1988. "Who's the Boss?" premiered in 1984. "Full House" premiered in 1987. "Rescue 911" premiered in 1989. "Rescue 911" ended in 1996. "Full House" ended in 1995.

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