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TheBlueHeart2772 (23.11.2007 13:17)
Sylvester is awesome! This is a great site,because now I know I'm not the only Sylvester fan out there! Long Live Sylvester!
lil romeo (25.05.2007 19:52)
i like sylvester aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lot
Jay a.k.a sylvesta (02.05.2007 01:52)
i love sylvester he's ma fav character
BlaST (14.04.2007 13:23)
damn i love siylvester

and tweety :X


baby girl (14.06.2006 22:03)
i think that sylvester is funny because he was trying to get tweety and he is trying to eat him but sylvester can't he always get got by granny and she will get mad at him for trying to eat him and i like to watch in t.v like every day


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