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tailsxcream forever
(11.07.2007 12:07)
i think friz frelengs cartoons are the best.
(06.01.2007 14:15)
wow all those cartoons there so good!
Andrew El Gato
(12.01.2006 14:26)
Welcome, alpha!!
(25.12.2005 00:46)
Whew, can't choose just one
Elissa Cunningham
(20.07.2004 21:41)
well i dont say ive seen that perticular one but i think in all the cartoons ive seen i think sylvester is sooooo cute
Andrew El Gato
(16.07.2004 11:34)
I love all Sylvester cartoons, but particullary the Jones' Sylvester cartoons.
The Scarlet Pumpernickle (il giustiziere dalla maschera scarlatta) is so lovely!!
But in this cartoon Sylvester isn't so important.
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Elissa Cunningham
(29.06.2004 21:47)
Yeah i remember it, i really love all thoser old ones, now they don't show them anymore in Australia
What a shame
(29.06.2004 15:27)
In one of the old cartoons, Sylvester heat Tweety for a few minutes. Remember this cartoon in the hospital when Tweety was missing and when the nurse takes a X-ray photograph from Sylvester.
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Elissa Cunningham
(23.06.2004 21:52)
I think its so cute, with sylvester trying to to eat tweety but always fails!!!!

I know one eposode sylvester will get that bird if its the last thing he'll do....
(23.06.2004 16:07)
Interesting thing with me is that I actually don't watch any Sylvester cartoons. I can't! You can't believe how much I hurt when I see Sylvester getting punched and kicked around -.- !@#%@!@&
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