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evil genius
evil genius
(25.06.2007 06:34)
Andrew,i do not know,read you that,or not,but i got a friend living not far from me in my city,who speaks Italian (but right now he is in China,practicing a language there - he intrested in learning different languages) so,if you intrested,i can introduce you with him. He is arriving for a few weeks in a second quarter of July.Respond if you want a dialogue.
evil genius
evil genius
(13.06.2007 19:10)
Andrew,"C'era una volta in America" is great,but have you seen soviet epoch comedy film called "Neveroyatnye pricluchenia Italiancev v Rossiy" (Incredible adventures of Italians in Russia)? I'm sure you don't. You may dislike it's national humor,but it's quite funny,and there is large space for self-irony,if you able to temporary move aside your national proudness. No offense meant,just all patriots proud of their nation and country,and i don't want to upset you - it is comedy movie after all.
Again-no offense meant.
Elissa Cunningham
(20.07.2004 21:54)
well i think this is a great oppotunity for people to express themselves differently but still be on the samgreat ideae page.
(17.07.2004 05:32)
As this site is dedicated to Sylvester, I did not know if others topics could be ok for you. Thanks for the green light, we can now start.
(17.07.2004 05:19)
Of course i dont have nthing against opening a non-sylvester related forums o.O .. why did you think that was a problem? :P

Im sorry if i react very slow, but I am on a holiday for 2 months *offline* sorry again..
(16.07.2004 18:50)
This site is 100% free but I want to make sure that non Sylvester related topics do not cause problems to Jozef who administrate the Sylvester fan page. I think it is OK, but I want to have his OK.
Andrew El Gato
(16.07.2004 11:55) permise to open an Italian forum free!!
(16.07.2004 11:44)
I hope that Jozef will allow us to open a forum not really Sylvester related, I'm sure he will. OK Jozef? OK?OK?OK?
Music is a big part of my life, I'm a composer at my free times. If you are interested you can listen to it at
It is not Italian music, I'm afraid.
Andrew El Gato
(16.07.2004 11:36)
Yes, I like music!!
But the Italian music!!
Yes, we can realy open a cinema forum (free), if you want!!
(16.07.2004 11:31)
Oh yes! in french the title is "Il ?tait une fois l'Am?rique "
Robert De Niro is wonderful is this movie.
I was often touched by this story.
I think we can open a cinema forum !
Do you like music ?
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