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19th of May 1988


United States

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Watching football with my friends (Go Eagles although they didn't make it into the playoffs this year!) and watching cartoons with my bud, Sylvie in them.

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Just joined this site for the sake of meeting some other people who like that "Bad ol' putty tat" Sylvester. I thought I was the only one at my place! Well, that and I wanted to meet people that ABSOLUTLEY...HATE...TWEETY. Dumb yellow prick. It really is hard not to feel sorry for the kitty. He doesn't deserve the torture he gets! Most Tweety fans don't get that it is natural for the cat to eat the bird, which is something they should've learned in 1st grade. Sly is just such an adorable pussycat! I hate to see him getting beaten up all the time! It's sickening to watch! Seriously, whenever I see him get tortured by Tweety, Granny, and/or Hector (Who I swear were made in the nine reigons of Hell) I personally die a little inside. 3 against 1? How unfair. He is just a cat! A sweet, loveable little feline. Nothing else. I'm sure they find shattering his bones fun and the right thing to do. It isn't! If i were to walk past a woman giving her cat the brolly, I would take that umbrella, give her one swing in the head, and call the police to arrest her for animal abuse! If I were in the Looney Tunes' cartoony universe, that's exactly what I would do. And I would grab Sylvie and take him home with me so I could take care of him and make him feel happy and worth something, unlike how those three made him feel. And DON'T even get me started on his other adversaries...>:(

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